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Don´t Skip Class!


If you never surfed before, you should know how life changing surfing can be. And from all the surf clichés, Phil Edwards, the Californian stylish surfer, first to ever ride Hawaii´s Banzai Pipeline, was the one who nailed it better: "The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun".



To fully enjoy being "out there", there are things you have to know and things you have to do. We fully recommend surf lessons, not only for the beginners, but also to the intermediate surfers. The  professionality  and local knowledge of our surf instructors will surely help you to maximize the fun by choosing the right board, the right spot and the right tide to shred some waves,


Our school is certified by the Portuguese surfing federation and we privilege quality over quantity, so you can share our stoke!


Welcome to the ocean!

Photo by Yot Photo
Photo by Yot Photo
Photo by Yot Photo
Photo by LCSH


  • Accommodation walking distance to Caparica beach breaks

  • Morning Breakfast 

  • ​Two surf lessons every day at the best spot  acording to your level (One lesson only in Low Season)

  • Professional  surf instructors to help you improve in waves that suit your ability 

  • Surf Equipment - Surfboard and wetsuit


  • 09.00 – Yummy and healthy breakfast  

  • 09.30 – Pick up and transfer to the surf spot in Caparica area best suited for your ability

  • 10:00 - Morning Lesson

  • 12.30 – Lunch at the beach or in the surf house 

  • 14.30 – Afternoon surf lesson

  • 17.30 – Back to the house

  • 19.30 – Dining and story telling ( wave of my life dude!)

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